Zheltkov, a "little man", is possessed by a consuming love for Princess Vera Sheina, a rich society lady hardly aware of his existence.

 After his wife receives for her birthday a particularly expensive gift, Prince Vasily Shein visits Zheltkov, accompanied by Nikolai Nikolayevich, Vera’s brother, and tells him to stop pestering the Princess. Being aware that the last thread connecting him with his beloved one is gone, Zheltkov commits suicide, in the final letter asking Vera to listen to Beethoven's Second Piano Sonata. 

The power of music brings about the spiritual rebirth of a hitherto detached aristocrat who recognizes that she's just been brushed by "this rarest thing, a true love that happens once in a thousand years."

premiere - 9 October 2015, At the Bridge Theatre, Perm.

Alexander Kuprin.


Stage Director - Alla Chepinoga

Music - Lora Kvint

Costumes - Sergey Fedotov